Lincoln Bike Night in Association with Rapha and the Lincoln Grand Prix presents

Lincoln GP: Past, Present and Future

16 October 2021 The Blue Room Bar opens 6:30pm for a 7:30pm start

Saturday, 16th October, the rest day between National Championship races, as we host a panel talk with some legends of the Lincoln GP.
Dean Downing, Alice Barnes, Elinor Barker and Joey Walker will discuss the legacy of Britain’s most prestigious race and this year’s historic weekend of racing.

Speaking on the legacy of the race, @joeywack said: “The Lincoln GP inspired me to start racing. When the news came out that the Lincoln GP was struggling for sponsors, everyone was disappointed. When Rapha stepped in there was a sigh of relief. Because the race was saved, this weekend, there will be kids like me in the crowd who will watch the race and think – maybe I could do that.”


Saving Britain's most prestigious race.
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